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We Handle Websites for the Professional Services Industry

Our clients are lawyers, pediatricians, accountants, architects and other professional service companies.

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Our Story

Our team is cohesive because we share priorities

Every individual on our team has at least 10 years in the internet marketing space. They all share a background in customer service. And they all happen to be mothers. So that's cool.

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Our Values

Strong values that bring great people together

A cohesive unit doesn't just happen. You must be intentional about how you recruit, how you train and building that ongoing rapport. Here are our priorities.

Be Innovative

Research, yes. Plagiarize, no. Learn from the best and build from there. Stand on the shoulders of those that you respect and reach higher.

Take Ownership

Our clients don't want to waste time thinking about their website. They just want it to work. To get more leads and get more clients. We take ownership of every project stem to stern.

Team Work

Our company is set up so that our clients only have one point of contact. No big drawn out meetings, no wasted effort. One point person with a team of experts working behind them.

Move Fast

Mothers are efficient. We have no other choice! You will be impressed with how quickly your site will be ready for publishing or updates completed. And because so much of our work is done before the kiddos wake up, expect those update emails first thing in the morning.

Our Team Members

The amazing team behind your Client Joy Representative

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Here are some of the amazing people working hard behind the scenes. After you purchase a package (and receive the automated receipt) expect a custom response from your new Customer Joy Rep! 

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Holly Morgan

CEO & Co-Founder

Rock climber, cave diver, Holly is our extreme sports enthusiast. She brought us altogether to build this company because we all share a love of travel. She holds a BA from Stanford and has worked at the agency level of internet marketing for over 15 years.

Lucy Pepperidge

Chief Technology Officer

Mother of 6 under 10, Lucy knows how to make things work efficiently! She completed her undergrad at CSULB and holds an MS in Computer Engineering at Cal State Fullerton. She started working as a IT freelancer way back in 2002.

Paola Gomez

Head of Design

Paola holds an BFA from UConn and has over 15 years in the internet marketing space as a graphic designer. She has worked with a variety of agencies over the years. As a proud new momma of twin boys she is loving the flexibility that comes with working with ATWS.

Michelle Morgan

Head of Marketing

Sales and marketing have always been Michelle's passion. From doing real estate to selling new cars, she has learned how to close the deal. She has worked in a variety of industries but has leaned heavily into the internet marketing space to increase her own conversions.

Hunter Anthony

Head of Internal Support

The grease that keeps the whole engine working! Hunter holds a MS in Management from MSSU. Her family owns a local farm in Joplin, MO and so she makes a point of spending at least a few months a year in the area. Otherwise her, her husband and their 3 kids are full time RVers.

Carol Jenkins

Head of Customer Joy

The Lead of Customer Joy, Carol is essentially the supervisor for your Customer Joy Rep. She is the person who oversees the deadlines and makes sure that the person handling your project has every possible resource they need. She's been married for 15 years and has 3 boys.

Our Offices

Or company is all around the world, come and visit us

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San Francisco, USA

58 Middle San Francisco, California (CA), 94124
(415) 206-1788

New York, USA

761 NW. Hanover St. Bronx, NY 10453
(516) 640-9013

London, UK

38 Alexander Road London E13 9UL
(415) 206-1788
Open Positions

Come and join our fast growing team

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Head of Product Design

San Francisco
Full Time

Digital Marketing Specialist

San Francisco
Full Time

Office Manager

Full Time

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Send us an email to jobs@tech.com and we will try to find a perfect role for you!

For the cost of a single part time employee you can have a website marketing powerhouse working for you. By the month.

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