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4 Major Components of Physician Web Design

4 themes that are important for any physician web design, above and beyond the needs of any website.

Whether you are a pediatrician, internist, dentist or any other kind of physician, you need a website that will work for you. But what does that mean? What’s unique about physician web design? 

The role of Science

In order to be successful online, your brand has to have some personality to it. That can be conveyed by tone, images used, jokes shared or personal stories. In order for real people to connect with your brand, they need to connect with the person or people behind it. 

As a physician however, you can never let your website or any of your marketing downplay science. The truth matters. Truth and science are vital to your clients’ trust in your brand and in the very success of your brand. 

So unlike almost every other industry, physicians must know that science is respected. Each of your blog posts, social media posts and more are held to a higher standard. The standard of truth. 

And being up front about your medical practice policies on hot button topics like vaccines can make a huge difference to your bottom line. According to a poll out of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital as many as 4 out of 10 families, “are very or somewhat likely to move their child to a different provider if there are children in the practice whose parents refuse all vaccines.” By including these office policies directly and clearly on your website, you can help potential patients self qualify before every stepping foot in your office.  


One of the most difficult parts of marketing for physicians is protection of patient privacy. If you have ever read a bad review and struggled with the fact that you can’t respond to it, you know the frustration. 

But beyond the rules pertaining to HIPAA, it’s important that your potential clients trust you. CynergisTek ran a survey of 5,000 US adults and asked them about patient privacy. A whopping 67% said they would cut ties with their doctor over unprotected health data. 

And privacy concerns can dictate everything from client databases to the images used on your practice’s website. Some physicians use stock images, whereas others go out of their way to get written permission for images used. Either works. Sometimes it takes creativity to allow interaction on your website and in your marketing. Balancing patient privacy with their desire to interact with their physician in a friendly, social way is a balancing act worth doing. 

Convenience & Clear Instructions

People can find your service through a wide variety of avenues. Maybe they are coming directly through their insurance provider. An easy way to stand out from your competition is to have a convenient appointment setting software integrated on your website. Your website can provide all the documentation they need to download and fill out before their appointment. You can walk them through the entire process. Leaving room for those people who would rather fill out while at the office. 

Or maybe someone is searching for a local physician. In this case, you might want to include a way for them to check if you are covered by their insurance, without having to leave your site. 

Answer the Pressing Questions

First time parents might be unsure if they are allowed to meet a pediatrician before a baby is born. A family might be avoiding dental care out of embarrassment they can’t pay on the spot. 

Unlike many other industries, medicine is emotional. And when emotions run high, the best thing you can do is assuage fears with information. That’s why physician web design must cover a lot of topics. In detail. 

These 4 themes are vital to online success for any physician website. And they are on top of the many other things that go into any website’s success. 

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