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Social Media Strategy for True Professionals 2021

Need real-world advice for your social media strategy? We have all the behind the scene tips we use for our clients.

Everyone knows you need a social media strategy, but the specific advice you need to implement that strategy is often behind a paid gate or expensive course. As part of our service, we provide social media for lawyers, physicians, CPAs, and other professional service providers. If you want social media to convert truly, allow us to show you precisely what we do for our clients. Piece by piece. 

Think Big Picture

Take a step back. Consider your target audiences. Do you want to find similar services to network with? Or maybe you are simply looking to find potential customers? There are no rules about how many types of people you want to find through your social media strategy. What’s important is that you make a list before you start. Because what kind of people you want to interact with and how you interact with them will directly impact what platform you use and how you use it. 

Choosing Platform(s) 

There’s a case to be made to have 1 social media profile, and there are reasons to have multiple. Each platform is different. Each platform will give different results. So think about each platform and what you want from it. For our clients, we offer daily management of two social media profiles. And typically it breaks down like this: 


Linkedin - networking with law firms

Twitter - we follow a two-prong approach here; local people in any industry and non-local law firms. 


Twitter - local people and well-known physicians or organizations in the specific field

Pinterest - assuming our target audience is women or mothers, we pump out many pins that attract attention to our service. 


Twitter - local people

Pinterest - pinterest is a great option for list heavy content.  

Our clients are all professional service providers that need Local SEO. This means that, in general, competing services outside a 100-mile radius aren’t competitors. If your business is selling nationwide, your social media strategy should be different. Also, while I mention Local SEO, it’s crucial to note that any kind of backlinks or referring domains from your local area is excellent for SEO, even outside your industry. When it comes to Local SEO, the quality of the link comes from the geographic location, not its keyword relevance. 

Consistent Schedule 

If you want to land clients directly from social media, you need to be very active. This means interacting multiple times a day, every day, Monday-Friday. You can use automated software sparingly to keep your feed active but posting to your feed is not where the actual conversion happens on any social media. It’s going out and actively interacting on other profiles. 

We try to encourage all of our clients to have a Twitter profile. It’s by far the most popular with people over 30 that make buying choices through social media. Our target for each profile we manage has two benchmarks for daily management; post 2-4 new tweets a day; interact with 10-20 tweets a day. This means our social media strategist opens up the Twitter profile and responds to other tweets throughout the day. It’s not just liking a bunch of posts; it’s thoughtful responses based on our client’s preferences. 

If you only post once a day, with zero outside interaction, your social media profile will never convert anyone. Unpopular opinion, but it’s the truth. Now, if you buy a bunch of fake followers and post an automated tweet once a day, your profile will look legitimate to the cursory visitor. So if your goal is to have your social profiles on your website and want your website traffic to take a quick peek for social proof, that’s fine. But if you’re actually going to convert through social media, it takes more work than that. 

Tools for Success

Social media strategy is a long game. It won’t happen overnight, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. Buying your first 100 or so followers isn’t a terrible idea. Some people take pride in their 1000% legitimate followers. For the rest of us, it’s a good kickstart. Because the first couple of weeks, you will be following people like crazy. That initial 100 fake followers will help you get over the hump. Note that the fake followers will unfollow eventually, but that’s okay. By the time they do, you should have enough legitimate followers that it isn’t noticeable. 

We use SparkToro to find social media profiles to follow for our clients. This is a great tool created by Rand Fishkin, Founder of SEOMoz.  You can use this tool for many things, but it essentially searches billions of social media profiles for key terms. So you can look up what podcast pediatricians listen to or what twitter profiles are homeschool moms following. If you are considering ad buys, you want to use this tool, but again, we use it to find those initial high-value and high-frequency profiles. If you have ever started a social profile from scratch, you know how hard it is before you have enough stuff to interact with.

There are loads of automated posting software out there. We use SEMrush because our company uses SEMrush every day for our SEO and competitive analysis stuff. So I wouldn’t go out and find a Hootsuite or similar service. Lots of services now have social media posting add-ons. And if you are doing your own profile, every platform allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. 

Allow me to emphasize again; automated postings should be used sparingly. The real value in social media is being social. 

So what if you aren’t going to do it? Should you ignore social media? You have a couple options. One, you could ignore social media. In fact, I believe that a stale social media profile is a much worse sign than a lack of social profiles. When you have a stale social media profile, you tell clients that you don’t stick with things. And you might not stick with them. It’s bad. So if you are genuinely not interested in doing or outsourcing your social media, skip it. Delete all the profiles and don’t waste another bit of energy on it. 

How to Outsource Your Social Media 

If you choose to go the route of outsourcing your social media, you want to be as specific as possible about your needs. One, confirm that whoever is doing your social media strategy will not be using automated software more than a tiny bit. Go to their social profiles and see what the poets say. If they are using an automated software, it will be noted in their posts.


Another item you might want to be on the lookout for is a load of fake followers. If their social media feed has thousands of followers but their posts are getting less than ten likes, their followers are fake. And keep in mind that plenty of services sell likes and retweets. So if you want to do your due diligence, read through the comments. Bots and fake accounts do not leave thoughtful comments. 

Once you have chosen a service, or maybe you will hire a freelancer to do it, lay down the specifics of how often to post and how often to engage. You will also want to give them personal information about you or your brand so that the profile will have some personality. 

We work with a lot of family law attorneys. Here is part of the “questionnaire” we send to them to properly manage their social media profiles:

As you can imagine, these questions give our social media strategist a ton of stuff to do a good job. This allows them to portray the client profile as closely as possible to how the client would do it themselves. We also happen to re-use this info for HARO requests, and if you are hiring a freelancer to do your social media, it might be wise also to hire them to make HARO requests for you. 

Live Events

Every industry has live webinars or Twitter chats or something that you can post about in real-time. This is not only a great way to demonstrate that your profile is alive and active, but it can also be a goldmine to find other active profiles. If you are outsourcing your social media, pass along events or online activities you want the person managing your account to monitor. 

I sincerely hope this post was helpful to you! If you have any other suggestions for this post, please tweet us

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