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Improve Your Web Presence Daily

If you don't have 60-90 mintues every single day to manually improve your website, you need to hire someone who can.

2021 is a year of temptation. During lockdown everyone around the world had to modify their behavior in one way or another. And one of the things that are absolutely clear, there is no end to the shortcuts available for every facet of our lives. 

Expensive Software is not the End-All Be-All

SaaS or “Software as a Service” is the new norm. And I fear that websites across the board will fall victim to this crappy behavior. Cutting corners is fast, but it’s not good. Did you know you can use AI to write blog posts now? Holy guacamole! 

As a newer agency, we spend a lot of time on competitive research. And sadly, we are seeing more and more of our peers offloading their good intentions onto expensive software. Is it bad to use SEMrush? Absolutely not! But if all you are doing is dropping a client url into a software and waiting for it to give you directions…. Why did your clients hire you in the first place? 

Your Website Needs Hands On Help

Someone with experience in SEO can review a site and give suggestions. They could even utilize software to make *part* of their job easier. However, the discretionary effort that is going to help their clients in a way software never could takes creativity. It’s more than knowledge, it’s the application of that knowledge. 

In general, our industry has a pretty bad rap. There’s so many “web marketing agencies” out there that outsource every little bit of their service to someone else. Or worse, a software. If you aren’t sure what I mean, just google, “white label SEO” and after you steady yourself come back to this article. 

Your Web Presence Requires Daily Attention

If you are reading this article, you probably already know the pitfall of social media. Most companies have completely empty or just worthless social media profiles. They bark and bark and bark without any true engagement. In other words, they are attempting to use social media without being social or providing actual media. 

But the issue doesn’t stop at your Facebook or Twitter feed. Even if your website is updated regularly (which it usually isn’t) there is 60 minutes of work to do on your website every single. In addition to social media, blog posts and whatever is live on your website, someone needs to review your code. Monitoring rankings in real time, checking for new backlinks, fixing errors that inevitably popup. Even the tiniest website needs daily attention. 

When you combine the needs of your website with your needs in social media, it’s no wonder that most business owners are overwhelmed. 

Not a Set it and Forget it Proposition

Your business is your baby. And you have spent so much time cultivating a brand, gaining new clients and expanding your service so that things are on an even keel. Finally. 

And believe me, I completely understand how tempting it is to listen to all the “passive income” hoopla going around today. But even if your business runs mostly on referrals, why cut yourself off from new business? 

If your website is your storefront, doesn’t it make sense that 1 hour a day should be set aside to keep the place running? 

Imagine renting a space, loading it up with inventory, putting out a ton of advertising and not hiring staff? The door remains locked and passerbys can only peek in from the street. That’s what you are doing with a website that isn’t properly maintained. 

Different Levels of Maintenance

I get wanting to buy the cheaper option. Everybody does. And if you aren’t sold on website management then it makes the $200/month SEO very tempting. It’s hard to pay more when you can’t get your arms around what you are buying. 

Here at All That Website Stuff we set aside 1 or more team members every single day (5 days a week) for each client site at 60-90 minutes. This means every single one of our client sites gets personal one-on-one attention by at least 1 if not 2 or 3 team members every day. Early on in the process it’s a little more labor intensive so you might have 3 people working 90 minutes everyday the first few weeks. 

That’s a lot of payroll. That’s a lot of attention. So while you might not understand exactly what our team is doing for your website, you can rest assured that actual man hours are being dedicated. 

And here’s why that matters:

  • Google is always improving its algorithm. Weekly updates. Every week. For more than a decade. When you hire a “scalable” SEO agency with hundreds if not thousands of clients, it’s difficult for them to update their process. 
  • Now multiply that issue by those SEO agencies that simply use tools like SEMrush or Moz or another SEO type SaaS. Because however difficult it is to get nuanced changes in a large group of people, imagine how hard it is to update the software’s algorithm and roll out new technology. 

But when you have a team of real people, who are spending time on your site’s code or your site’s front end every single day, they can be quick. And Google likes quick. 

Does Google Care if you Manually Update? 

And if I had to guess, I bet Google likes hands-on webmasters over the alternative. A lot of what Google does is spot bad content or spammy websites. And Google absolutely has the capability of seeing times stamps on work completed on a website. Now I don’t know if this is an official ranking indicator but one can only assume that eventually, Google will rank those sites that update manually (as evidenced by realistic time stamps) over those that update through software. 

I love working here at All That Website Stuff because the company values align with my personal values. And a lot of that has to do with putting in the hard work. Not cutting corners.  If you would like to join our roster of clients, reach out today! 

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