Terms & Conditions

All Inclusive

Our website services include the hosting for both emails and website. They include the design and all ongoing graphics. We do not charge extra for any migrations. The only time our clients pay more are to advertise their websites. The website itself is the set monthly cost no matter how many third party softwares or plugins are required to complete the project.

Monthly Payments

There is no long term commitment. In theory you can purchase one month and have a website for that one low cost. There is no early deactivation or deposit fees.

  • No questions asked to cancel your plan at any point during the month. If you cancel within the first 7 calendar days, you will be refunded the price you paid. If you cancel on the 8th calendar day or later after purchase you will not receive a refund.
  • You own the product and any work completed during your paid term.
  • Once you cancel, we will migrate your site and email (and any other third party things like an email list) to your new provider for free. If you are not prepared to migrate right away, we will hold the data for 3 months and will complete the migration for free during those 3 months. After that we will destroy the data and will no longer be able to help you migrate.


Our goal is to complete your website and complete the first month's worth of additional work (based on your package) within the first 30 days. Any alterations are included as we provide ongoing work. We will only stop working on your project when you cancel. If you are cancelling after the 8 calendar days and therefore will not receive a refund for that month, we will continue working throughout that month.

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